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Hi @deepaksharma can you help re the message above?
Thanks @deepaksharma. 1. On the content blocks looking to display an image or images and text.2. In the metafield would like to reference the content block and link it to a specific product.How do I link to a content block?Where do I create the conte...
@deepaksharma that sounds great. Just trying to get my head round how it would work. I did have a look through the metafields but couldn't work out which one I use. Keen to learn  and so have the following questions:1. What metafield type do I use?2...
Hi, I have content that I would like to include that is specific to a brand or range. The aim would be to able to have the content displayed on the product details page. Ideally the content would be non template specific so it could be included on an...
Got the code to work. Got the code to work. The correct Shopify variable format is below: transaction_id: '{{ order_id }}',currency: '{{ currency }}', The only issue is that the '{{ order_id }}' is not pulling back the actual order Id. Seems to be pu...
Tried looking and couldn't see anything other than what you suggested. Frustrating that you can't generate an order confirmation through any contact channel. C'est la vie.
Thanks @EmmanuelFlossie and @robiulawoalraju for your help so far. Think I'm really close. Planning on disabling the Google and Youtube App and sticking with GTM that I have setup.  Code that I'm using in the checkout is below. Two variables which ar...
Hi @EmmanuelFlossie , Gone with Google Tag Manager and used some of your code on the checkout page however there are variables which are not being populated: The variables are:transaction_id: '{{ order_id }}',currency: checkout.total_price_set.presen...
Not sure if anyone has had this scenario out theere a customer who signed up with their phone number and so the order doesn't have an email address associated with it. They have asked for an order confirmation via email. How do you:- Ad...
Most of the way there. Went with Google Tag manager over Google Tag. Carried out the following steps:Installed Google Tag ManagerInstalled the tags, triggers and variablesLinked to Google Analytics and AdsThe event is firing for "Purchase" which is g...
Going through the site checking the setup but I'm reading different approaches online. Firstly the code that appears on each page that appears below the <HEAD> tag. Should you be installing Google Tag Manager or Google Tag? Option - Google Tag Manage...
@EmmanuelFlossie thanks for the solution. Looked through your code and noticed that it references Google Tag manager. This is something that isn't setup in the Google & You Tube App. I'm not sure the code will work without setting Google Tag Manager ...
Thanks. Checked the "order status page" section in Settings > Checkout.  Code is below. Is this the correct code to be featuring? Or should I be using Pixel?{% if first_time_accessed %} <!-- Event snippet for Test conversion page --> <script> ...
Hi, Tried to setup a Google Shopping campaign and the Conversion Action Purchase has a tracking status of "Inactive".I have the google & youtube app installed which is showing the Conversion tracking as being correct.Unsure what else I need to be doi...
Hi @Matanisrael sounds like you had a terrible experience. Out of interest what did you go with in the end? Anyone know how to get the custom label to appear on the product details page?
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