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Hello,Thanks for your answer. I think doing it like this is difficult for me, since I don't know much about code. I would need something like copy and paste code that is already modified. I know it may seem like I'm comfortable, but I have limits in ...
Hello community, As always, thank you all for being such a generous community. I hope one day to learn so much so that I can help more than ask for help. I currently have a featured collection widget, but it's not a carousel, it's a grid. If I add se...
¡Thanks 
Hello communityI want to change some text that appears on my website. It is exactly the "Quick view" button that appears when I place the mouse pointer over the image. You can see screenshot for more information.  This text actually appears in Englis...
 Hello communityI have made a change to my store code. The change is that the title of the product in the collection is an H3. Before it was just text, but for SEO I am interested in each product title in the collection being an H3. I managed to make...
Oh excellent! I'm going to try it now.I see that you are a specialist. Do you do this type of specific work apart from those that appear on your website?It may be interesting for the future.
Hola comunidad, Hice la integración de Shopify con Google ADS (desde shopify) y funcionaba perfectamente. Las conversiones se crearon solas, conexión shopify y merchant center funcionaba bien... en fin, todo lo bueno que tiene la integración de Googl...
Hello community, I did the Shopify integration with Google ADS (from shopify) and it worked perfectly. The conversions created themselves, the Shopify and merchant center connection worked well... in short, everything good about the Google ADS integr...
Hola. Creo que no me expliqué bien o a lo mejor no he entendido tu solución, pero no acabo de entenderlo. Me explico. Yo tengo un producto al que he rebajado el precio así:Para que el producto se vea en la tienda así:Como ves está el precio tachado, ...
Hola Comunidad He rebajado el precio de unos artículos en mi tienda. Lo he hecho para que aparezca el precio tachado y la nueva cantidad sin tachar, etc. Lo he hecho cambiando la cantidad del precio y del precio de comparación. Ahora bien, también te...
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