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This is displayed on our sub collection page. please see link https://www.hermeticaflowers.com.au/collections/arrangements
Hi we recently changed some pricing on our website and the starting price of our products remain to be the price we had before. We want these pricing to to be adjusted with the current new pricing.   
Hi thank you for your reply. Unfortunately this wont work as we still want people to place their order for earlier dates and dates past the restricted days. This function will need to implemented at least a month prior to the restricted dates. So we ...
Hi, i'm looking to restrict some of our products on specific days.I haven't been able to find an app that suits what i need to do. I don't really want to use an app to change any of our current delivery set up rates and postcode and this is all i hav...
I would like to create a form for customers to complete before purchasing specific items on a products page. The pop up would need to link up with the checkout when they finish selecting their products.We will be having an event page were customers c...
I would like to hide one of my navigation menus while its getting designed. 
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