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Never mind @Dan-From-Ryviu ! I fixed it. 
Hey @Dan-From-Ryviu  for some reason this code stopped working for me. I think because I added a new product? Are you able to see if the code needs to be changed? 
Hey There! I am currently using the live carrier rates at checkout via UPS for my store. I sell a product that must arrive within two days or less to the customer. Depending on where the customer is located, the ideal shipping option from UPS will va...
The absolute best!! You are a rockstar. THANK YOU
@Dan-From-Ryviu any ideas? 
Solved! Use this thread:
@Made4uo-Ribe Is it still not showing? 
Website: Hello there! I am having some issues with my collection list showing blurry product images. The images are coming through as a much smaller resolution compared to the images on their respective ...
Website: Hey There! I want to edit the card on my product page below. I want it to look like the following:I want the background of the card to be whiteI want the backgrou...
Go to cart and then click continue shopping to see the product cards I am referring to. 
Link: https://9ce0048pbwq3diaz-81877893427.shopifypreview.comHey there! I wan to change the color of the two product cards I have on my collection page to be all white. See below:  
Store Link: Hello there! I am looking to simply round the corners of a button my product page. See below: How would I go about doing this?   
Hey there! I am looking to add a minimum order quantity for shipping on my store. I know you can do this through adding "conditional pricing" in the rate options of the "shipping and delivery" settings tab. However, conditional pricing is only availa...
@Made4uo-Ribe Thank you!! This is a good start but is there a way to make it take up the whole section? See below: 
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