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I'll inspect it in my browser and see what I can do. Thank you for the recommendation! 
Hi, I'm trying to create a dealer page on my wholesale site and i'm encountering an interesting error. On my dealer authorization page, in the theme editor (Dawn theme), i've created a form on Shopify's Forms app and loaded it into my page, but when ...
hey thanks again for replying, sorry, no thats not the site we're using for this. I'm setting up our separate wholesale portal at the moment:portal.godarkbags.com 
Hi YOD thanks for getting back to me! I do have two third party apps on my site at the moment. BSS Wholesale solution and BSS Login and lock price. I have reached out to them and they have said it was the shopify theme. I'm starting to think otherwis...
I'm in the transaction testing process of setting up my wholesale portal using the Dawn theme right now, and I'm encountering a rather peculiar issue with my shopping cart. After I complete a transaction and click continue shopping, my cart still con...
Thank you for this! unfortunately I am not well-versed in coding, and, as we have some third party apps installed, the code does not look identical to what you are showing, so I wouldn't know how to do this properly without potentially breaking the s...
In a nutshell, I have an add to quote and add to cart button placed on my product pages at the moment. I would like only the add to quote button to display to users that are logged out, and only the Add to cart button to display when they are logged ...
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