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I never got it to work and gave up on Shopify and went back to QB POS to finish out the year.  Now I'm currently searching for a new POS - anything but Shopify!
I also switched to QBO because the QB rep told me it would work better with Shopify.  WRONG AGAIN!  It made the nightmare worse.  I quickly switched back to QB Desktop.  But I honestly don't think that desktop will be supported very much longer.  The...
This is the guy heading up the class action lawsuit: Ed Podowski, Chief Experience OfficerUTX, Inc.10768 York RoadCockeysville, MD 21030Office: 410-667-3500UTX, Inc.3252 Keswick RoadBaltimore [Hampden], MD 21211Office: 410-366-1212I am on Linkedin ht...
Got my 3rd party credit card processing up and running and we are now back to using QBPOS.  We had to manually input all of the work that was done in Shopify over the past month to get QBPOS up to date, but it was worth it!  It's so nice to be able t...
Crickets............ This question has been asked before.  No one actually knows.
Good to know.  Using a 3rd party processor is definitely going to be an extra step, but well worth it after dealing with all of the BS from Shopify. Have you been reading all of the complaints in this forum?  They do not even scratch the surface of t...
I wish - but unfortunately, I don't know of a way.
Ha ha ha!!!!!!
My local credit union referred me to "Total Merchant Concepts, Inc." 
That's basically how I understand it will happen.  And I'm good with doing all that.  It's a small price to pay if we get all of the missing features back that Shopify doesn't give us.
I was finally able to talk to someone that confirmed that it was possible to use another cc processer.  I went to the setup interview and selected "NO" when it asked if I wanted to use QB Payments.  Now, if I make a sale and select "Charge" as a paym...
Do you mind explaining how you setup a third party merchant service with QBPOS?  I can only find where you setup the info for QBs merchant service, and QBPOS support won't answer any of my questions.  They just say to ask the third party vendor how t...
We were all terribly mislead by QuickBooks and Shopify into thinking this was a suitable replacement POS.  
I have not heard or seen one response from anyone saying that Shopify will work on adding any of the features that we need.  So there's no reason to continue on with them?  I have also wasted a lot of time and money on this.  There has been talk of a...
I've been thinking about your comments all night and I am considering going back to QBPOS while I search for a better product.  As long as I can find another Merchant Service to use, everything else should work the same - right?I figure if I do it no...
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