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Has Shopify announced when these will be released for the public? They announced them at the beginning of the year, and from my understanding, stuff announced is typically released at the next editions, which just happened. Thank you.
Thank you for sharing. I see the value of it, but I'm more interested in a CSS only solution. 
Hi. I can't figure out how to make each column in the multicolumn section a different color. To be clear, I'm not asking about the section's background, the title, the text, etc. I'm specifically asking how, in a 3-column arrangement, to make column ...
I'm not sure what you're suggesting. Put the JavaScript in the custom liquid section between <style> </style>? I tried that originally, and it didn't work.
Hi. I'm curious if it's possible to change a page's background color as the user scrolls, like done in this example. In this example the class is the trigger for the JavaScript, and I'm not sure how I could do that in Shopify. Add a custom liquid sec...
Ah! I converted it to CSS and it works. Thank you very much. Update: spoke too soon. It appears to work but I can't save it. I'll have to work with it, but at least now I know the root problem.
Hi. I used the code linked to in my post. And not to be difficult, but I also wrote in my original post the locations that I have tried the code. I get the same result regardless of where I place the CSS, but the problem isn't that none of the CSS wo...
Hi. I can't get any variation of the code from here to work in Shopify (or other examples of multiselect). Can it be that it's not possible?I have placed the CSS in a liquid/html section with <style></style>. I have placed the CSS through the site wi...
Hi. While exploring the Shopify abandoned cart/checkout tool's analytics found at Marketing > Automations, there are two metrics that aren't clear to me: reach and sessions. What is "reach" and what is "sessions?" The numbers I see don't align with a...
Thank you. I actually knew of this solution for products but didn't know I could use it for individual pages too. 
 I specifically asked for a solution that didn't involve editing the theme code. I even linked to the solution you wrote out, saying I didn't want that solution. 
Hi. Is there any way to hide a page, not a product page, from a site search and from Google search results that doesn't involve editing the theme code, such as what Shopify suggests here. I'm aware I can hide the page from Google search console, so t...
I'm sorry, I overlooked thanking you. Thank you for your help.
For my specific case .accordion { } worked. I just drew a blank on it being called an accordion. Thank you.
Hi. Can someone please help me add a radius to the edges of the collapsible content's inner rows? I poked around CSS for a while without any success. 
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