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Hi,I just checked the site, and it seems that the mini cart is missing data-qty value on some places in the code. That value should hold the current quantity in the cart so it can be incremented correctly by one. Unfortunately for your issue it's a b...
Hi Daniel,This isn't for the Dawn theme unfortunately, I think the site I was fixing was on the Warehousee theme and a bit customized. If you need help, feel free to sent the sites link so I can look into it
Haha, that's okay. So 'not going to the cart page' is working? But the popup still doesn't show up?
Weird, when I check your site it doesn't lead me to the cart page. It just adds it to the cart.For the popup, is the drawer turned on in the settings?
I see, then you will have to navigate to the theme.js file again. And find this code:if (window.theme.cartType === 'page') { return; // When using a cart type of page, we just simply redirect to the cart page }and comment it like this:/*if (window...
Great! Almost all themes have that setting, so try to go to General Theme Settings -> Cart. You should have something like this, so change it to the popup/notification option. If there is no such option, we can go through the code editing again 
Hello,For the cart page that's not refreshing on quantity change, it seems your Shopify theme has a few bugs. I recommend making all changes to the copy of the theme so firstly copy your current theme. You will have to open your theme code and edit i...
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