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Hi, this code is super, super helpful, but for some reason, the image completely disappears on iPad Air! Would you happen to know why this is happening? Thank you so much in advance! 
You are the best, this worked for me!! 
THANK YOU! I see 4 thumbnails now :0) 
@ZestardTech website is and password is hblo - thank you so much in advance!! 
I just tried adding this to our base.css code, but it's still showing 3 thumbnails on the product page on mobile. Am I doing something incorrectly? Thanks! 
@BSS-Commerce Hi, yes, of course! Our store link is and password is hblo - thank you so much in advance! 
Hi @ZestardTech Unfortunately that didn't work for our website. Do we need to change any of the numbers? It's still showing only 3 thumbnails. 
Hi @Claud9 Were you able to find a solution to this by any chance besides the workaround? I tried to implement the workaround but I couldn't find global.js in my code settings. 
Hi @Egloo did you happen to find a solution for this by any chance? I still haven't figured out how to do this for my Dawn theme. Thanks in advance! 
Ah, never mind, I found out how to do it! I just changed the color scheme in the theme settings for Product Cards, Collection Cards and Blog Cards. Thank you for everyone's help!  
Hi, thanks for trying to help! But for some reason, I think it changed the background color of everything, including my newsletter banner and my footer as well. Attaching picture for reference. 
Hi, I'm using the Dawn theme and noticed that only three thumbnail images are displayed on the product page for mobile, despite our website having more than six images available. Is there a way to showcase more thumbnails, so our customers are aware ...
Hi! I've encountered an issue on our Dawn theme where customers attempting to sign up for our newsletter with an already-registered email address receive no notification of their previous registration. I've tried implementing solutions from various s...
yes, of course! and PW hblo - thank you in advance! 
 Hi, everyone! For some reason, our pages are appearing with this green background in our search results. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to change this color? Thank you so much in advance!  
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