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Hi Community, I am having this issue with the language redirect and it is driving my insane.I have been trying all the Solution proposals in here, various plugins, and asked ChatGpt. Nothing has worked  Here is the situation:I want to redirect users...
Hi @namphan , thanks your feedback. I pasted your code, but unfortuantely it did not work. The menu header remains transparent on mobile    
HI there, with the little help of Javascript and the community here, I managed to make the header of the homepage transparent first, and then turn white when the user scrolls down. It works smoothly on Dektop device, however on mobile there is a smal...
Thanks @Moeed for your quick turnaroud. That worked smoothly. I have one bug left, I can not find. Namely, when I am in the mobile version with the transparent header, and I touch on the Menu bar icon, the menu opens, but as you can see the menu "hea...
Thanks a lot. I now played around a bit with Javascript and it works perfectly fine. Here, however one small problem: when I scroll up, the header turns white (good). The header is 100% full width everywhere, except for my hero image and other full w...
Hi @Moeed , thanks a lot for your help. It made the header transparent, but when I scoll down, it remains transparent. The header should become solide white, once I scroll down the Hero image.   
Thanks a lot to all of you folks, worked like a charm  
Hi Team, I need you kin help again - I tried asking around here already, but no positive result yet. I go crazy in trying to make the Header on the homepage (only on the homepage) transparent and when scrolling down, it should turn to solid white. I ...
Hello Team, I would need the commnities kind help. I try to remove the footer part "Powered by Shopify" for my German langauge site. For the English version, it is all gone already. I followed both the instructions mentioned in the Shopify Help Centr...
Hi @Made4uo-Ribe, ah shoot. I thought Javascript would only be needed for header colour font change, which I don't need anymore The only thing missing is to make the transparent header into white when scrolled down. You know of someone, who might be ...
Hi @Made4uo-Ribe , any further ideas to find a solution who to make the header solid white when scrolled down? (and also solid white for all other subpages) It would be really awesome, if we find a solution here! Really appreciated. 
Hi Ribe, thanks a lot. It made the Header transparent  I changed the hero image, so for now there is no need to make the header in white font. However, if I scroll down on the home page, the header background is not solid white and overlaps with the...
Hi Ribe, thanks for that, but I am afraid it still does not work for me   Not sure, what I can do...
Hi Ribe, thanks for your feedback. I just followed your instructions, but it did not work out for me, unfortunately.  Also, I forgot to mention, since I am using a dark hero image, the Navigation page names should be in white color first (plus my br...
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