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I was wondering what are the differences between bundles created with productVariantRelationshipBulkUpdate mutation and bundle created using function?Would be really grateful to get an answer. Thanks!
Thanks @Nick_Wesselman. Specially for the link. I wouldn't have found it easily.
After implementing and deploying the Cart Transform function extension to the store, the next step is to create a cartTransform object to activate the function. To do that if try to run the cartTransformCreate mutation using the access_token that I o...
According to the documentation when creating an bundle I need to Create a Parent bundle product and add component_reference, component_quantities and price_adjustments in the metafield of the parent bundle.Similarly I need to define the bundle on chi...
I've checked all the access scopes.I'm using the access token that I've used the access_token derived from the following section(Shown in the images). I can make mutations like create code and automatic discount(discountCodeBasicCreate, discountAutom...
I was wondering about what access_token is used by the shopify GraphiQL App when it makes queries and mutation because primarily I though it is using the Admin API access token.I assumed this because I was being able to make whatever queries and muta...
Hi Liam.Do I use the same access token that I've derived from this process or do I've to use some other access token?
I see, thanks for pointing in out. I was using the 2023-07 version. 
Just found an solution:1) You can currently publish a product to the online store via the deprecated 'published' field on the productCreate mutation2) You can publish to any sales channel with the PublishablePublish mutation.You can find the original...
I was trying to create a product using the productCreate mutation which receives ProductInput. According to the documentation the ProductInput has a field called claimOwnership which has a bundles field that receives Boolean value. So when I try to u...
When I'm using the following mutation in GraphiQL App it works perfectly but when I run it using Postman or CURL it just doesn't work. This issue is happening for Function related mutations only. mutation { discountAutomaticAppCreate( autom...
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