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Origin theme. As you can see, the registered mark is giant. I even pasted in text where I had it the right size, but shopify changes it. In the text box where you put your descriptors, headers etc it looks fine, but the translation to the site and fo...
Hi -- sorry for the delay in response. I think I found a workaround for now!
Hi - Using Origin theme. Uploaded an image for an image banner. Chose 'smaller' in drop down for size cuz I like how it looked better. Looks perfect in the editor. But the actual site, the image gets zoomed in and cropped...anyone know why it would c...
Ok - so asking this again cuz I didn't get a response from the previous ask. Product photos are square and a good resolution (2100x2100 and 300 dpi which is 7x7 inches. I've also tried the 2048 and 1024 recommended by Shopify all with this same resu...
What about across the board? I've uploaded at the resolution recommended by shopify (1024x1024 for collection images and 2048x2048 for products ) and yet they are blurry. Super frustrating. In fact, SOME images show just fine while others, created th...
So I'm uploading images at as much as 300 dpi (72 was what was blurry) and are 10x10 inches (which is much bigger than what I'll display). I had some images upload fine and others are blurry. Any thoughts?
I want customers to be able to go back one page when shopping (so if they click to on a collection, then a product, they can go back to the collection to look at a different product w/o having to go home and find the collection again, etc).I've seen ...
I'm using the Origin theme.Is there a way to have a back button or arrow for each product page? Like right now, say, I choose to click through to a featured collection. If I wanna go back to the homepage, I have to use the menu. Same if I continue fr...
Ok - so. Product photos are square and a good resolution (2100x2100 and 300 dpi which is 7x7 inches). On homepage, in the "featured collections" section, images look fine. Click through to a collection and images in the "product grid" degrade and are...
So this was exactly what I was looking for but in my theme.liquid there is no  {{ content_for_layout }}.  (Origin Theme) Any other options?
Hello hive mind:Working on a site for someone. They had someone else (or one of them) toying with it a while ago and there is an "active" theme already that I hated. (If it's active does it mean they hit "publish"? Which is weird cuz they were just p...
Hi -I'd love to have a divider line as a section option to insert wherever I want/need on my page. Is that a thing? Like "add section" and then in the list there's a "divider line" . Not to thick or thin so I guess I need to specify pixel height? But...
Hi --Using the Origin theme. Put a banner section on the top. Sized image to what I found recommended (1200x400). When I insert image in editor it looks perfect. When I preview, not only is the image fuzzy, but the size of it changes with the browser...
Hi -- newbie here. Found some code to create a "video with text" section. Worked great. EXCEPT: when I actually put the link to the youtube video in that section it throws the refused to connect error.I did find an answer here that said:Go to youtube...
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