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Hey everyone. I cant seem to target these images for a hover effect. I just want to have it be a faded blue over the whole image vs how I have it now targeting the text. Any help on getting that happen would be helpful. Thanks.  As you can see on Pan...
ahhhh It did work i just had to add the extra  { }  so   "/products/{{product.handle}}"Now maybe a shot in the dark, but when passing info do you always have to double the {{ Curly Brackets }}?
So I think I see where this goes. I subbed out the code and it opens a link to a page that says not found. Do i need to add a "handle" metafield  and give a handle to each of my products? Or is "handle" a built in term that it know what to do?Again.....
Some of the Documentation is hard to understand for this ha
I've been using Metafields to create a table that pulls the info for different products in a collections. Right now this is setup to add that product to the cart. But gives you the Default product im assuming on the top of the array of products(or Ob...
So I think I can just use tables to create what I want. The Basic idea is to have a "Parent Series" of product and the customer can select a wide variety of options in a table format of the child of that series. I don't mind creating each product ind...
sorry still kinda new to all of this. If I create product metafields of my values, I can take those values and plug them into the table? am i saying that correct? 
not really... I found a couple site templates that have something kinda like that. But I would love to know if there is an app or a way to make something like above.  
Ah so that app doesn't allow that then... do you have a recommendation of an app that gives you options to select existing products and create like a "Kit"?
Okay I'm waiting for the store owner to take that off and I'll send it your wayThanks
So I used an App called Unlimited Options to build out a product add on options. I have to build out a bunch of these and I don't want a bunch of $0.00 products. Is there a way to change the price to Text? I'm assuming I'll have to edit some code. Is...
Okay... That might work for what I need. Would you be able to purchase the product in the table? This is all new to me so I'd have to do some research how to use Metafields in that way, I've only used them for Filtering. Still pretty new to Shopify. 
I think Variants. I have to figure out what my boss wants first. I like the Idea of having one parent product and you select the variant of the Parent product you want. 
How does one achieve this? Is there an app or a way to do this using the DAWN theme. 
https://6ce5a9.myshopify.com/I think that should work... not sure if someone password protected it. 
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