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Hi @okbus, I know some reputable parties that you can explore: Neil Patel Digital, Disruptive Advertising, Lyfe Marketing, WebFX.  If hiring an agency is still too costly, you should consider these alternatives:Freelancers: Platforms like Upwork or F...
Hi @Blushique. Have you resolved your issue yet? If not, you can consider the following options to quickly complete the payment process for Shopify. Here they are:   1. Check Card Details: Ensure that the card details you have entered are correct, in...
Hi @CDWORLD,  You can try using our Product Labels&Badges app to highlight your discounts (Free plan). A small note is that we will be launching this free feature on July 17, 2024. First, let me guide you on how current store owners usually do it: St...
Hi @effymvn, that's a scam tactic that I've seen many people encounter. 
Hi @Klaudi2323,You do not need a barcode to sell products on Shopify. Barcodes are optional and mainly useful for inventory tracking and integrations with certain POS systems or third-party logistics. You can simply leave the barcode field blank when...
Hi @montana-spet,  You can try the 3 following methods. Hope one of them will help you resolve your issue. 珞 Besides, I would also like to introduce you to our Fordeer Product Labels & Badges application. The application assists you in highlighting p...
Hi @Ariisfire, It's a scram! The email address is not a legitimate Shopify domain. Official communications from Shopify will come from an email address ending in
Hi @epoll24, I believe the traffic you're experiencing is organic, as your website might be ranking for specific keywords that are being searched by international users, and your content may have been shared on various social media platforms, also at...
Hi @tarekanani,You can follow our guidance and make some adjustments to the code of your store. 
Hi @Ronnie92,  If you have already entered the compare-at-price and it keeps disappearing, you need to:1. Check User PermissionsEnsure that only authorized users have access to edit product details. Misconfiguration or unauthorized changes might be c...
Hi @DecimLam919, welcome you to the Shopify Community  
Hi @joanne_pc, you can follow our steps. the guidance. 
Hi @INKLY, I have reviewed your store and noticed that the products on the production pages are missing their prices. If that is intentional, then it's fine. However, if it's an oversight, I think you should add them. In addition, if you haven't foun...
Hi @oneandonlya, you should try to clear cache and cookies; use a different browser or check for app conflicts (check if any installed apps might be causing the conflict by temporarily disabling them). If none of the above steps work, you need to con...
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