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Bio: "🛍️ Crafting Next-Gen Shopify Experiences 🚀 Hey there! I'm Tanmoy, a developer passionate about revolutionizing e-commerce. My focus? Building a Sho...

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Certainly, achieving this functionality requires some development skills. Here's a simplified breakdown of the process:Email Verification: Begin by employing a service, such as Firebase's email authentication. This service helps validate email addres...
In South Africa, there are payment gateways for Shopify that can handle recurring payments. Some options are:PayFast: This is a well-known choice that works with Shopify. It's good for setting up subscriptions and recurring payments.PayGate: Another ...
Numerous apps cater to recurring invoices. However, I recommend considering discussions with third-party payment processors such as Stripe. This could potentially offer you lower transaction fees while also providing native currency and international...
Using Localhost? I do believe it's an HSTS issue. 
Hello,Yes, integrating the Escrow payment gateway through its API in Shopify can be achieved, but it requires a third-party system integration. Depending on your business needs, you can opt for either a local or international escrow service. While th...
Hi Marcin,It's awesome that you're considering Shopify Payment Gateway for LearnWorlds integration. When it comes to custom customer fields, here's the scoop:Basic Info: LearnWorlds covers standard info during checkout like email. Shopify gets this a...
Hello!If you're looking to set up a global digital product store with a focus on Mexico, but also catering to customers worldwide, considering the right payment option is crucial. While Stripe is popular, you've encountered issues with Mexican and in...
Try social media. tweet about it and tag Shopify. I  am not sure though but I think the email  is support@shopify
is your website hosted in Shopify or a custom domain? If you are using a custom domain make sure that it's redirected to your Shopify store properly. 
Hey there,I totally understand your frustration with the pending transaction issue on Shopify. It's a bummer when things don't go smoothly. Let's see if we can sort this out:Clear Out That Browser Stuff: Sometimes, your browser holds onto old data th...
I think you about this one but I am sharing it again with you. https://www.shopify.com/payment-gateways/poland
As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Shopify Payments was not available in Poland. However, please note that circumstances can change, and new updates may have occurred since then. I recommend visiting the official Shopify website or con...
Hello,I understand your concern about the inefficiency of converting HTML formatting to multi-line text and vice versa. Retrieving the product description with line feed characters for direct embedding in a text area can indeed streamline the process...
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