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oh thanks for asking,  i m not sure but it was just fixed.. lolbut still having trouble site description,  when sending people my site via messenger apps like whatsapp, or kakaotalk, there this weird description showing 'kkyo descri.' which is defini...
Any insights anybody?
oh some how it's okay now, thanks though 
everything went as planned thank you so much!I'm just stuck on how to turn these black blocks to just white with black thin line (just thin single line) with text just black like the attachment.  I've been searching and playing around quite a while u...
Yeah the tap name problem still persists, i visited did the 'Simply visit the Shopify Help Center and login to your account to create a support request.' but haven't got much help, is there way for me to grant you access specifically so that you may ...
Any follow up as to which app i should delete or anything i should do to make it faster?
Thank you I found the proper place and had it fixed.But now that I acheive this look, I see that the buttons tract more attention than the product/item image it self for it's got shape and filled in colors.  Could you please look at my attachment?  ...
speed s core is too low, please read the there any non legit app that i should delete that would render my site speed so slow?? please help
I have these as apps.Anything you perhaps know I should delete? 
I get this and see that the code is not applying as it should be according to your screenshot. Or have I possibly forgot something in the code? Mine shows like this right now:
you are absolutely right. problem now solved thank you!
It worked except I get this now the inquire button looks too similar to 'Size' 'Material' & 'Status' ones, making it look like it might now be a button, do you know how to make it more like special button so it looks different with rest of them. I th...
yes please help tell me how to fix 
Please look at the screen shot for explanation. As seen here we can see Sizes, Color, Material, Style as default, however, I would like to create default Option name called ‘Status’. I need ‘Status’ option for variants for all my products, and I wish...
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