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Bio: Over the years I have learned exactly what makes more sales for your store. And I have my honed my skills in HTML, CSS,JavaScript

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I went through the site, and we can do exactly what you want, if we edit the liquid code we add the option to add the image to your theme customizer so you can add the image to the section wherever you use it. For that I will have to see your theme c...
Okay I am sure we can do this using javascript code, but for that I will have to see the code base to write and test the working code, can you please send the store URL(one with  .myshopify.com at the end ), and for the privacy, you can send to my em...
No problem, If the solution works can you please mark it as an accepted solution so it could help people who later look at this post.
I think you might be able to do it if you add some javascript to the product page,Can you please share the website URL so i can take a further look?And if you make it fast and convenient, please look at the bottom of the post.
Have you tried using Shopify Flow, it just might be the solution you are looking for here a link that you might find helpfulhttps://help.shopify.com/en/manual/shopify-flow/reference/actions/update-product-metafieldAnd If you want to make it more conv...
I would love to help but for that, I would need to take a look at your theme code, can please provide me the URL to the store so I can take a further look?
can you please provide URL to your store so i could take a further look 
can you please provide the URL to your store.   
It's working just fine on my end, have you tried opening the website in a different browser, it might be browser's doing. 
I would love to help for that i have to look at how your theme is selecting the variant inside a form element, and I read the javascript you shared, I also have a solution in mind, I can only fully make a functioning code while working on the store, ...
It can done but we will have to custom-code the whole part, I have shared details at the bottom if you are interested.
I think there is a problem with your javascript can you please share the store URL so I can further look into it.
hey , i can help you with that but i will need to access your theme files for that, so here's my email ayanrjpoot@gmail.com send me your .myshopify.com store URL I will send you an access request from my shopify partner account and we can implement t...
Hello,just paste this in the custom CSS of the section and it should work;  .media--transparent{ border: 2px solid black; } 
open header.liquid file :Replace the following code <header class="header header--{{ section.settings.logo_position }} page-width{% if section.settings.menu != blank %} header--has-menu{% endif %}"> with  <header id="site-header" class="header header...
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