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I have added products to my collections and they are active. It says they are in the collection but for some reason I do not see them on the website. Is there any solution to this?
My store has a speed score of 38 and I'm not sure how to rectify it,  The theme I am using is ride and Im not very good with the coding aspect so haven't really looked into that, please help
This also happens when you press choose options is there a way to fix this ? 
Thanks man do you know how to fix it when you press view all on products ?
When on collections white appears even though this is not in the theme settings and also when customers press view all options the menu for the product turns white when it is supposed to be black. Does anyone know how to fix this 
This also happens on my newly created pages 
Hi man thanks again one last thing this issue also happens on sections on my website like t-shirts,hoodies etc is there anyway to fix this thanks 
Hi sorry, I have only just relaised that this issue also happens when you go onto a product is there anyway to fix thisthanks
Thank you so much!
Hello this has fixed that part but at the top of the website the background is white and in between the other sections
My store has white marks in between the sections and I don't know why this has happened
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