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Hi @Liam, Thanks for confirming that for me. Super helpful.Is the idea that eventually the GraphQL Admin API will have full coverage of these types of resources? I had initially selected the GraphQL API for my project because it seemed to have better...
Is there support for pages and blog articles in the GraphQL Admin API? I'm not seeing it. Are people just using both REST and GraphQL to cover all their bases? I did notice the Storefront API, but it seems to be read only. My use case is migrating lo...
Hey @growth-croiss , I like your solution. I think if you stored article handles instead of ids you could probably avoid that inner for loop and use the articles liquid object like so: {% assign article = articles['potion-notions/new-potions-for-spri...
I have the same issue. I do hope Shopify devs have this on their radar to fix. I'm guessing it may be related to the fact that technically the Online Store is a separate app (running in it's own iframe) while the metafields are core functionality of ...
Oooof!I'm trying to map out our CMS migration to Shopify and this missing piece has me pretty stuck. I did not notice blog references were not a thing... This seems really important. Please add this. We were intending to add "Related Articles" on pro...
So I know this is an old post but I think I found a solution that some will find helpful today. Definitely agree that Shopify needs to add a full screen option here or something to make this experience better. My solution is to increase the width of ...
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