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Bio: Hello, My name is Beaux, and I am a full stack dev that specializes in Shopify development. I am a freelance dev and have a background in both design...

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In the list of default menus click Main menu -Click Add menu item-Type in Info and link your homepage if you don't want it linking anywhere else-Add another menu item and link it to wherever you want. -Nest the item like this (make sure the dropdown ...
EDIT:Just noticed that text message is wrapping. You'll want to also add in text-wrap: nowrap to the css like this: .highlights-banners-block { width: fit-content; text-wrap: nowrap; } This is the result:
Also for your footer if you want your background to look like this:Instead of this:You can change your CSS to { background-image: url(vwood.jpg); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: cover; backgrou...
So i figured out what styles need to change but there is one thing that will be difficult to figure out if you aren't versed on coding. So you have what looks like is a class that is loading on that element called 'highlight-banners-count-4' that nee...
Print on DemandI am actually building a site very similar. Instead of photographs though, it is prints of paintings.  I don't have this set up for print on demand though. I find it cheaper to just partner with local print shops as there are typically...
We would just need to see your code as there is no way to do this through your admin section. We would essentially just need to throw in an image or svg within the wrapper that holds those icons and then wrap the image in <a> tags to give it a link t...
That is A-Okay. I can take a look at what you have, if i make any changes I will just copy the full page and paste it into a text editor for a backup for you to have the original code. It is just good to keep revisions. Because you are using a 3rd pa...
For sure; make a copy of your theme so that I can just make changes to the copy. Once we verify that everything is working correctly you can then just publish it. 
If it happens to be the text description for your blogs. As this appears to be on the smaller side, the class name for this text is .article-card__excerpt. This is what you would use to target it. You either change this inside your main CSS code or t...
That information is created dynamically. What would help is being able to see your liquid code for your cart. What I will essentially do to trouble shoot is to look at the if statements that are checking if you are using a drawer or a page and then l...
I imagine there could be a few things at play here. Absolutely something we would need to see the code to give you the best result. You have the URL? I just want to make sure you are given code that will work across all devices and not just desktop. ...
I am trying to get to the subscription page but not sure if you have it live. I am having trouble finding it. If you have the direct link to that page that would be helpful.  The image you showed is just from the customizer and shows a page with capt...
QR codes themselves do not inherently have the ability to track conversions. They are essentially a type of barcode that can store information such as URLs, contact details, or plain text. That is it. If you want to add Google Analytics to your QR co...
Hello, What is your site URL? I can see if there is a simple way to target the background to change the color with some CSS code. 
I am about to shut the screen off for the day but will be back here again tomorrow. If the problem still isn't resolved you can shoot me a direct message or respond here.
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