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Hey!Thanks for the reply. I can't make it to work, I don't know why. I added the woff and woff2 files in assets. It doesn't appear if searched in theme setting's typography section. How do I get the font URL? 
Hey David,Thanks for the reply!Could you please explain me step by step how to do this? I am a newbie.Thanks!!
Hey!I made a font .OTF file and converted it to .WOFF extension.I added the file as a new asset.(Craft theme) I added this code in base.css: @font-face {font-family: "1st";src: url({{ "1st.woff" | asset_url }}) format("TrueType");} Can't find the fon...
I did, doesn't work.The problem appears to be only on mobile.On the desktop/ tablet the width fits perfect.
Still doesn't work 
Hey! Thanks for the reply!I can't find none of those 2 files in the Assets folder.I got craft theme.   
It made the website static. (couldn't scroll up or down on website)XD
Hey! On my mobile, if I zoom out the website it looks like this and it's hard to re-center. Can it be fixed? Thanks!!
Hey! How to center the collection heading? Thanks!
Hey!Ty for the reply.It didn't work, it made all images unclickable, dunno why.
Hi!  I want the product cards to show their second image on hover, I have checked the option and it works on desktop, but it doesn't work on mobile... I need it to work on mobile too. Any help please? craft theme Thanks!
thx bro, you're the best!
Yes, but I would like to still appear (the name of the collection) when clicked on the collection for the ultra fast response!
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