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@Made4uo-Ribe hope you can still have a look if you can 
I want to decrease the font-size of the h3 card headers on my collection cards if the screen is 392px or less wide. In browser it works if I put the following code in. However in the section custom CSS box Shopify indicates the .card_information and ...
I was looking for a way to do this without adjusting the source code. Your answer led me there though. Seems instead of the code in my question, I should have been using the below in the custom CSS box in the template editor. It works that way, thank...
@Moeed  Here you go, circled in yellow:   
Hi @Moeed  The url is The password is 123abc The collection I am trying to hide is the 'Featured collection' Thanks for your response.
I want to hide one of my collections from the list in the collections section, if possible without adjusting the theme source code. The below is valid CSS and I believe it should work in the custom CSS input. However it doesn't. The page saves, but t...
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