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That is incredible!! Truly thank you so much!! 
Thank you so so much!! that worked! You did that so quickly! Sorry to bother you, but can you help me do the same thing on this page: https://lejardinbridal.com/products/custom-gown
Oh sorry! I see what you mean now. I meant the price on this page: https://lejardinbridal.com/pages/custom-order-purchase
Sure! it took you to a contact page because I want the customer to contact me before purchasing. but the price is listed on there as $2500 but I want the price to state "up to $2500"
Hello! You are so kind helping everyone in this thread!! Can you please help with mine? my website is lejardinbridal.comI only need it for the product page "Custom Wedding Gowns"
This helped me a lot with my problem! Is there a way to make the icons smaller? The icons are showing up to large in my emails. 
did you ever find a solution for this? I need help with this as well.
I am editing my notification email templates and I've written a notification email template that conforms with my shop's branding. However, in all the test emails it looks like the meta fields aren't being properly filled with order information. I ca...
Thank you for your help. You were right! It must have been something causing interference because it worked with the fresh theme. I’ll reach out to support for help.
Here is the link to my website: lejardinbridal.com When you go to one of my product pages, like https://lejardinbridal.com/products/adeline on mobile, none of the photos show up. But it works in desktop. Can anyone help me figure out what's going on?...
Thank you so much! That fixed it! Thank you so much for your help! 
Thank you so much for this code!! It worked for my website! Thank you! However, when I use it, my video isn't full screen, but there is padding on the sides. Is there a way to make this go from edge to edge on my screen? Thank you again!
Thank you for your help! I tried that and it made it better but it still didn't bring it all the way to the edge. 
Thank you! How can I make the section bigger so the video is wider and full size?
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