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Hi there, I set up my website in a way that visitors have to enquire or register/log in to see prices. When a client is on a product page, clicks on the button 'Register/login to see prices' and creates an account or logs in, I would like him/her to ...
thank you @Raj-webdesigner it works.I would like to have the newsletter subscription checkbox pre-selected (checked) by default and one an article I read I can achieve this by adding the “checked” attribute to the <input>checkbox element.Could you te...
Hi there, I am trying to add some space above the checkbox in my 'creating an account form' (see screenshot and link below). the line with the checkbox and the Subscribe text is too close to the password ...
never mind about this, I found a solution here: 
Hello @saad13 and @Greenthumb1953 I had the same problem and followed the instructions above to change the text regarding shipping not available to some addresses.I replaced the default text and I would like to further edit it now, but I am not able ...
Hi there, I recently added a 'Register or login to see price' line in the product pages of most of the items on my website (see details below) Details of my website: is chonga In order t...
Hi everyone, I have a problem with my website that I am building using dawn theme: chonga On desktop, when you are looking at a product and click on one image to see it larger, a gallery...
hello @JaviExpress I am interested in this customization for my website and I would have liked to read your article about it but I couldn't find it at the link you pasted in one of your messages above, which I am pasting below:
Hi @devmont-digital Thank you very much for the detailed instructions.I followed a tutorial on youtube and I managed to include anchor links on the images, and I think I will stay with the site as it is, but thanks again for your time.With bestAndrea
hi @techlyser_web , if you have any suggestions for my  2 current problems, please do let me know.With bestAndrea
Hi there,I would like to link my multicolumn sections to the respective collections and not to have the text underlined or to have the link only on a button. I would like the images, the title and the descriptions to be linked to the respective colle...
the site is not published yet but here is a link to the preview, password is chonga:
Hi there, I am getting an error message saying 'Attempting to close HtmlElement 'body' before HtmlElement 'style' was closed'. This appears on theme.liquid and might be caused by the 2 identical bits of code that I have from line 383 to 400. (see bel...
not sure I got this, on multicolumn.liquid I found only one line with <a href= (see screenshot) and that doesn't end with ></a> tag. so I don't understand where I have to paste my link, and I don't know if that line refers to the image or the descrip...
If I remove the code from line number 382-391 (or from 383-291) or from 392-400 I have again the problem I had before: the text is not aligned with the images. If I keep both codes the text is aligned but I keep receiving the warning/error message. 
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