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Hi, we commented out (div > div) on main-login.liquid:From: <div class="customer login section-{{ }}-padding">to:  {%- endif -%} </div>Hope this helps, cheers, AP : )
Yes, this is what we did. We don't have accounts active BUT were still receiving excess '123 123' fake accounts, most probably from a bug/bot.We've coded out (commented) the create accounts sections & enabled Captcha (on account creation), this seems...
I have exactly the same issue with exactly the same 123 123 name. Thanks for sharing & yes, it's a real issue/shame that Shopify are not hotter on this.
This is great & just what I was after. Thanks very much & super appreciation : )
Thanks - this worked for me BUT I had to change '#HeaderMenu-outlet' to '#HeaderDrawer-sale' referencing the specific link from my site upon inspection. Very much appreciated : )
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