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My website is not visible on search engine search results. Here is the link:  I am not sure what is the issue. I have tried indexing as shopify supprt suggested. Is it to do with robot.txt file or something else. 
What do i need to do from my side to give you the access?
Hi,  I tried the code. it is working but it changed the other colours as well which i had in dark brown (check previous pictures). Also, it did not change the background colour of the checkout or the product page. Also the button is in purple not in ...
Hi Natasha, the store isn't published yet, so i do not have the link at the moment. Any other way i can share it with you?
I am using a sense theme, i want the default colour of the background to be light cream. There isn't any option to change the background colour for some sections and I can't figure out where to find the code to change the default background colour in...
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