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That worked! Thank you so much! If you don't mind I have one more open question about my page transitions not being smooth. Would appreciate if you'd be able to look into it as well? 
Noted, I've removed the code. Could you please help me with the other code? Thanks in advance  
Yes, that was added to remove the thumbnails in the mobile version. After removing the code the thumbnails are back on both the mobile and web version. Can you help me bring back the thumbnails just in the web version? 
I am unable to see more images of the product on my product page. I am able to see the same in the mobile version. I would like to just change the settings of the web version to show other images.  url : www.shopekaja.compw : Getlost.12
This made no change, i also need to change it in the mobile site 
Apologies, I want to change the font size. I guess i didn't mention that on the subject. URL : www.shopekaja.comPW: Getlost12
I need to make the headings of my 'one page' checkout smaller. I am unable to find a code for the same, could someone please help me out. 
Hey !Any idea on how can I change the font size of the same ? 
I'd like to change the font size of my default emails like "order confirmation, etc" to 12px. Kindly help.
Yes, this section is overflowing
This code is making my homepage lag.
It seems like the featured collection is horizontally overflowing in the homepage, is there a way I can just remove the overflowing of that particular section? 
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