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Hi, I need the exact same thing for my store. Did you manage to make it work and could you tell me how you did it? 
HI, This is exact what I want to do. Did you manage to make it work? This would help me so much. 
Found it, it was in another folder:
Hi, this is the only place the code is visible. 
It does not find anything as seen in the screenshot:
Hi, thank you for your response. I did check this, but this piece of code is not in my theme.liquid file. Could it be anywhere else? 
Hi,  I have seen this problem many time's. All my SEO title's end on my shop name. See image below. I have seen the code so I can edit the theme.liquid but there is no <title> tag. I use the enterprise theme. How can I remove the store name at the en...
ChatGPT has fixed this problem for me. Place the code below and change the namespace and key into the liquid file you want. Code:{% if product.metafields.namespace.key == 'TypeA' %}<p>text for TypeA.</p>{% elsif product.metafields.namespace.key == 'T...
I want to add text to a product page depending on the metafield that is selected. So on the page below I want to add a text about the brand, but when another brand is selected I want to have a text about that.How can I make that possible? https://rou...
Hi,  I want to make brand page, but instead of the URL being: I want it to be Is this possible to make?
Is there an app or other way to add a discount to products or collections and other ways so the discount price will be the price of the products and the normall price will be the compare at price.  I want to have it clearly at the product page like i...
Hi, I want to show a recommended price on my website. This is the price we get from the supplier. Is there a way to show this?  I have added an example I made in the link. This is not how it is right now, but it is what I want to have. The text: "Adv...
Hi, I am translating from Dutch to English and german.  This happened on a lot of places in the translating. 
Hi,When auto translate my shopify website all the & signs turn in to &amp; How do I fix this?
Thanks, this worked. But you are right. It does not look really nice. 
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