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The shipping cost was 27000 won when paying for the product.The shipping fee discount has never been applied.However, 27000 won is included in the shipping_lines > discounted_price item when checking the Order API. I know that the discounted_price it...
 It says to put parentId in orderTransactions as mandatory. I don't know how to get parentId.  mutation returnRefund($returnRefundInput: ReturnRefundInput!) { returnRefund(returnRefundInput: $returnRefundInput) { refund { id } use...
I want to provide the URL provided by the courier company so that it can be printed directly. Do I have to put labelInput?
https://shopify.dev/docs/api/admin-graphql/2023-10/mutations/reverseDeliveryCreateWithShippingWe are conducting the test with postman by referring to the reverse Delivery Create With Shipping API document.I want to create a return invoice using only ...
https://d838a7-2.myshopify.com/admin/api/2023-10/orders.json?return_status=return_requestedWhen I inquired about the order, I inquired about the return request with return_status=return_requested.Is there a way to check which LineItem the customer re...
When I send the fulfillments API without entering the tracking_info field and then send the same api again after entering the tracking_info fieldIt says, "Fulfillment order 6097444962362 has an unfulfillable status= closed." How can I send tracking_i...
Is the status value of the fulfillments > shipping_status field automatically updated according to the delivery status of the courier? I wonder if I have to change it to API delivered status or if it works automatically when the delivery is completed...
If you click on the order in Admin, there is a Return button. If you press the Return button, you can generate information related to Return, and I want to know what API does this function.I would appreciate it if you let me know RestAPI first.If you...
 I don't understand what you're saying.Can you explain how to register a product so that Availabe and Onhand are displayed on the screen?Give me an example of which api to call after productCreate. I am using graphQL. And I wonder why products regist...
I tried to add Variants in Shopify Admin to the product created by API, but it is not allowed to be added.Can't the product created by API be modified by Shopify Admin?Or is there another way?  
We don't see inventory-related items when registering products through API. How can I make inventory related items visible?(Available, On Hand ..) <registered on Shopify> <registered  on API> { "input": { "collectionsToJoin": [ "gid://shopify/C...
When registering a product with product Create, the image cannot be registered even though the image path is attached to variables>mediaSrc. I don't know why.  {  "input": {    "bodyHtml": "TEST444",    "collectionsToJoin": [      "gid://shopify/Coll...
When registering a product with the "productCreate GraphQL API", the response is "expected String to be a Hash". I'd like to ask you what to do. { "query": "mutation productCreate($input: ProductInput!) {\n productCreate(input: $input) {\n prod...
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