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Why not say what the Option is that is causing the error - this is basic error feedback, which 'option' already exists. Even better red highlight the fields in the form causing the issue.
 @TimFreet wrote:I have the prestige theme and the cookie banner keeps on showing no matter what I do.The reply from the theme developer - disable the theme banner because the native Shopify system now interferes with it. Thanks for letting me know. ...
I have the prestige theme and the cookie banner keeps on showing no matter what I do.
@Emily  you said above that "I do not believe that is an email from us". @sshige2130 wrote:Is email@email.shopify.com a valid Shopify Email domain?But earllier on the thread you said "The email research@email.shopify.com is a legitimate" as this is o...
So we have decided so sunset our store. The reason is the ever growing costs to run a basic store out of the box without endless third party subscriptions for core functionality. We will remain with Woocommerce for all its flaws.
Is there a way to configure the static page Rich text Editor? For editing pages it's got two main problems for me. 1 - You can't change the width or height of the editor, its really narrow and not very high. For authoring a page it feels like you are...
Well Elias as a new customer let me give you my first impressions. Second day I try to use Shopify all login is disabled for the day the help system doesn't work and I spend 40 minutes trying to find out how to contact support as the support email fa...
https://apps.shopify.com/product-reviews Does anyone have a good replacement recommendation?
I agree I can't login to my account all the help link go to a useless help portal and the links in this solution are 503 so there is no way to contact anyone. Email used to be the best fallback as its divorced from the service, removing email support...
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