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Thank you. I tried that. It doesnt work.So this is the first one. Fittings - that will show quick release fittings  f i go into quick release fittings - all the fittings is in there all mixed up like this.  I want to on this page have another split w...
Good day, Can anybody please advise me on the following.I am using the Avone theme in shopify. I want to know if i can create a second sub collection in shopify.To give an example - my main collection is Fittings. From there you will get Quick releas...
thank you, I have send you a private msg.
Thank you so much, the collection images is on the main page.
Good day Rajvee, Thank you. I have changed it to eager. Can you maybe please help me, if i change it my collection images is blurry. can i do something regarding this? It now longer is clear like it was before i change from lazyload to eager. 
Good day, can someone please assist me - in my shopify code it gives me this msg:use the native loading= "lazy" attribute instead of lazysizes shopify 
can you maybe assist me with this one aswell. i have tried diffrent places, but looks like i am not getting it right.
Thank you Pawankumar, it really helped and its fixed.
Good day, Can someone please help me, in page speed insight I get this message. I am trying to fix it, but not getting it right, can someone please assist me in where do i need to put the widht and height in. When i go into shopify to edit code, i ge...
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