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No I haven’t, and it is affecting my conversions. If someone has a solution please help. Is there a way to escalate this thread?
Hi shopify,When trying to create a new custom automation ( i want to send an email when someone signs up on pop-convert), i need to add a condition. However, as you can see in the photo, condition shows blank when I select on it. Is there a fix for t...
This is squishing the image. Can it maintain the original image's dimension?
Site is www.pawfectiontoys.comMy slideshow is cut off on the side in mobile. can someone help?
Hi - the site is as you can see, the products are not actually clickable after i removed the names from them. Can we make them clickable again? (Dawn Theme)Jack
site is pawfectiontoys.comPlease take a look at this screenshot. The font is all messed up.I'd like it so that either the font is smaller or there is proper spacing between lines. 
Next time il lreach out! I figured it out. Thank you  
Can we turn a video model into a video? I am confused what the differences are
Hi shopify community,I'd like to feature this product: on my homepage.I'd like to feature it as a product card and have the video automatically play on mobile and desk top. Is there a wa...
How do you do the slide shows for product pictures in your example link?
 I am on dawn theme and would like the featured collections section to show stars for reviews. I am using loox for reviews and my site is pawfectiontoys.comcan someone help?
How do we do this? I am on the DAWN theme.I have a collection called "for dogs" and on click i want it to show all of the categories of dog toys instead of all of the products that are for dogs. For example: For dogs -> Chew toys, rope toys.. .etcMy ...
Checking on this. The idea is a collection page will have multiple collections when clicking on it
Hi community,I want to have sub colelctions within my collections and I don't know how to code this. My website is password aotrelI want "interactive toys" collection page to have 4 separate collections when a user clicks on it. Yo...
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