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@EmmanuelFlossie  Thank you for reaching out. Your link has provided no new information, I have read it all before. All my products have the following - "Remove products that violate our policies, or request a manual review," To test, I listed only o...
Hi, Firstly, I'm not looking for paid services, do not contact me on here or privately offering your services, I'm seeking help from the community. My Shopify store has the dreaded GMCM. All items I'm selling have 2 or three issues, some are to do wi...
Hi @ilanadavis  I have the same Misrepresentation issue, I'm trying to resolve it.I would like to do merchant listing review on my site. Can you send me the link I try to make sense of it thank you.  
Hi, I updated my theme and do not have a duplicate. I may speak to Shopify about old theme. I do need to update my store, may do a complete revamp. Thank you.
Hi I recently had a Dawn Theme update. I noticed the Google links and other structured data I inserted is no longer visible. Has anyone experienced this? Where has that data gone? Thank you.
My store is now back check yours.
Hi, I was doing exactly the same as you now see the same message. I cannot access my store on laptop but can see in app. Tonight was the only day I could change the store. I assume Shopify must be down down, I guess I won't make any sales tonight, gi...
If you do not know what the Shopify Custom "Sort By" filter does, you cannot help me. All the best.
Hi Moeed, Thanks for getting in touch. I'm not looking to share my store ULR or password. I'm looking for a solution in writing on here. Thanks.
1) The  custome Sort By Filter, where can I access this to modify selection? Such New to old, Old to New. I want to remove those two selections. Thank you.
1) The Sort By Filter where can I access this to modify selection? Such New to old, Old to New. I want to remove those two selections 2) In Edit Codes where is the Shop Title stored. I have inserted Structured data, I now want to remove the standard ...
I have just amended and it worked thank you.
That's a great help thank you.
Hi, My shop is utilising Dawn theme 2.0. When I use the search bar, for some brands it shows up other pages as products, for example my blogs, FAQ, see attached video. As I mentioned, it only happens for some brands. Anyone else experiencing or exper...
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