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Hi @tph0724 , I hope you're having a great day! Smart Bulk Image Upload app is implemented for this reason; you can upload thousands of images in bulk with the app   You can find the demo video here;
Hi @sao , You can use CS - Smart Bulk Image Upload app to bulk upload gifs as product images. The application allows users to bulk upload product images, gifs as well from Google Drive or Dropbox into Shopify.  Here you can find the demo video; https...
Hi @technohub , you can check the Snapshot: AI Product Photos  It has the exact purpose with your question.  
Hi @TheReefManiac , Product Images and their alt texts are as important as product data for SEO. Therefore, don't forget to add these alt texts for your product images  Other than that, you need;* a great title with manufacturer name, brand, model a...
Hi @alanrichardtex , I hope you're doing well!  Do you use SKU or Barcode fields for products/variants, which are related to image names? 
Hi @PaulRochester , I'm unsure if I understood the case correctly, but maybe you can use SKUs and/or Barcodes to organize your products and images. You can send me a message, and we can check your case together  I'd like to help!
Hi @VladyslavMih, hope you're well. If you have chance to store your images in Google Drive, maybe you can use Smart Bulk Image Upload app to automate bulk image upload process. 
Hi @HomesteadBeard, I've checked your store and there are some problems on the page usage, banner is one of the most important parts but you use it for the "fair price guarantee" image where you can show off your best products instead of this.  And t...
Hi @StevenChristo , Smart Bulk Image Upload app both bulk uploads product images and also adds alt-texts automatically. You can give a try  Please let me know if you need any assistance or have any questions. I'd love to help  
Hi @akratikhare , hope you are well! Smart Bulk Image Upload Application allows users to upload product images into Shopify in bulk. App URL:
 It sounds like you're encountering a common issue where the default styling of the <h1> tag is causing your product descriptions to display in undesired large font size and affecting the line spacing. The <h1> tag is typically styled to stand out as...
Hi @cbibbs  Smart Bulk Image Upload app only works with SKUs and Barcodes but you can export your products as csv from Shopify and copy your product ids and paste into SKU or barcode field. Then you can upload them into your store again, accordingly ...
Hi Mihail, Did you find any tool or way to see these data? We're using App Store Analytics IO and it also gives the search keys and other sources that you get install action but I stuck at the same point with you. I cannot see real installs and I don...
Hi there,  You can contact Shopify Support. As far as I know they have back ups and hopefully they can help you for recovering.  To prevent such problems in the furure, you can store your product images in Google Drive. Have a great week ahead! 
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