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Thank you very much! Good news indeed! Wish you all the best 
Can any of your staff acknowledge what is being said here or let us know what's happening please? It's as if we're talking to ourselves.
You are spot on in my opinion. They want us to upgrade to the Plus plan, and whoever can't afford it, well, tough luck. Suffer with the shitty one page checkout or take your business elsewhere.  OR - they really do try to convince themselves and us t...
Let me know which one you're thinking about, I'm already looking for alternatives.
I have had about 20 "Reached Checkout" and ZERO emails/phone numbers, ZERO. That's 20 potential sales down the drain since there is no way for me to reach the visitors.It doesn't sound like Shopify is at all interested in listening to it's clients. L...
Stop trying to sell us this one page checkout crap and just give us back the 3 step checkout. Listen to what we're telling you. I don't understand what the big deal is. Whoever wants to use the 1 page checkout let them use it, and to the MANY of us w...
@Josh_Uebergang This issue needs to be solved ASAP. It's absurd that we can't use 3 page checkout if we don't pay 2000$ every month, it's a joke. Kindly do everything in your power to let everyone have the option roll back to the 3 step checkout, it'...
@Don Hello Don, just here to join everyone else and let you know that it is ABSOLUTELY critical to let us have the option to revert back to the old checkout type. I can say for myself that I'm a small business and there is no way I'm going to pay 200...
@Shopify Team, please make sure to add an option to revert back to the 3 step checkout to EVERYONE. This is absolute nonsense that I have to pay 2000$ for a very basic feature, and it doesn't matter how much you tested it. I can tell you that from my...
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