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Bio: Software Engineer based in Barcelona. Creating and maintaining projects with React, NextJS, Vue, Laravel... And transferring my dev skills to Shopify ...

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If you enter the file, click anywhere in the code, press CTRL + F, search any term and press enter, you move automatically to where the text is. You can also download the entire theme code, open it on an editor (in my case VSCode) and then search for...
Ah I see, in that case, change the following code like so:slideshow-component .slideshow__controls { position: absolute; top: 50%; transform: translateY(-50%); border: none; display: flex; align-items: center; justify-cont...
They look like in the screenshot, I see that you already added the code! If you could mark my answer as correct I'd highly appreciate it If you've got any more doubts don't hesitate to reach out!
The store is protected by password, I need it in order to view it.You can find the password in Online Stores > Themes > Manage password.
Hello @jacob44 ! If you could share your store URL and the password (if it has one), it'd be easier for us to help, however, try adding this to your code block right before </style> line (the last one)slideshow-component .slideshow__controls { disp...
Hi! @Serene_Teo1 You could search for your main css file (app.css, main.css, theme.css..., it depends on your theme) and add the following code at the end of the file:a.fhs-image { display: none !important; }This will only hide the label, it will...
Look for a file ending with .css, could be app.css, global.css, theme.css... or, even better, testimonials.css.Then scroll to the end and add the following:span.testimonial-stars { color: green; } Replace green by the color you prefer, can be hex o...
Hi! Could you please share your store's URL along with the password (if it has one)?
Hello!This should be pretty straight forward, try to find a file called "announcement-bar.liquid" inside the code and then wrap the text inside a <marquee></marquee> tag. Like so: <!-- Before --> <announcement-bar> <p>SALES SALES SALES!</p> </anno...
Hello!Try adding this inside of <head></head> in the /layout/theme.liquid file:<meta property="og:image:width" content="300"> <meta property="og:image:height" content="300">Note that you can change the height and width values but they must always be ...
I found someone with the same problem : Infinite scroll Dawn 2.0 Someone in the comments provided a guide to add some code which could make infinite scrolling available on your theme -> The guide You could try that out, but remember to first make a c...
Apparently, the Experts Marketplace and Shopify Plus Partner Directory are being replaced by a "unified Shopify Partner Directory" starting this month (September 2023).Source They're not accepting applications currently, but they'll start to send inv...
If you're taking @PageFly-Henry 's approach, which should work, note that you might get an error because of this :<script>   const list=document.querySelectorAll('.shopify-payment-button__button')list.forEach(l=>{  if(l.innerHTML==='Buy it now'){l.in...
Hello!If you've already tried changing it through the theme customizer:Try to look for a file called "en.default.json", hit CTRL + F once inside, and search for "buy it now".If it shows up in there, just change it to "Purchase now".In case you don't ...
No worries! Good luck and have a nice day 
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