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I tried depositing my funds into my bank account, but it seems like it just goes under balance as pending, why? I deposited an additional 20$ and it went straight over to transactions. Like it usually would.
no so like, mobile has a different image then what pc does
hey, i need help so i can have different images on my homepage on the device  thats being usedthe website is vencae.comi tried to make it but i was unable to. can anyone help me?  
usually there should be a button where they can pay on site with debit card, without having to click on paypal. thats what i'd like 
Hey guys, i have a huge problem. I really need it resolved as fast as possible since im missing out on alot of sales. I just got paypal payments and i ran into a problem, there is no express payment, and no guest purchase. which forces customers to m...
My website urlHttps://  the current conversion rate is currently 0.49% on full checkout Then there is 4% that reach the checkout and 5% added to cart.  how can i improve this? Isnt this quite low?
When entering the website from a new device, the main gif takes a very long time to load. now this is very bad for the website and new can i fix this?
when you hover over the button it overlaps the image, how can i make it so the image goes under the overlapping animation? the website url;
Does this make the whole text green or just the audience text?
Yes thats exactly what i wanted how can i create a span and do that?
Thanks dude, but how can i make it so only 1 word is green?
Website:  How do i make one word in my text beocome green? this is what im trying to do
can you show me how to do that? i couldnt make it work. im trying to move this shopify-section-5bcaad32-7f63-4b40-a70e-69a9fbd25883 section
so i just place the button underneath for all of those devices? Also do i use % or px. Last question 
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