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Hi @Ollie ,Do you have any progress on this? Is Shopify planning to add infinite scroll in next release? Thanks,
Hi @darioaladuz ,I have already tried the solution you are pointing at. That solution doesn't work correctly in all the pages. I have already mentioned the issue I am facing in below story:https://community.shopify.com/c/shopify-discussions/infinite-...
Hi @Savior-Info ,Sorry for the delayed reply.I am have tried adding existing solution to below URL where it was doing infinite pagination correctly. I just had to hide the bottom counter & loading text manually from css.https://roopshangaar.com/colle...
Can anyone help provide infinite scroll for the product grid in Dawn theme? I am struggling to find the right way of implementing it. I have tried below solution as well but it works fine only if i have just the product grid in my page:https://commun...
Infinite scroll is a very common thing now a days for any website. Shopify should atleast include infinite scroll for product grid in their themes. No one likes to click page numbers to view more products. 
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