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I have wokiee theme and I want to add Unit pricing as it is available in my country but my theme don't have code can anybody help me to solve that here is my file code along with javascript{%- assign image_max_width = item.image_max_width | append: '...
Send me Private message with your email so that I can add you as team member in partner account 
I have store URL https://quieromac.com/products/iphone-6s-reacondicionado?variant=43142806044927 I want here a class the variants which are out of stock should have class  out-of-stock in li tag. {%- for value in option.values -%} ...
Check the Store URL and I am facing checkout issue cart abndoned. Fix this or give me suggestions https://www.todosano.com/
I want to get solution from Shopify
Hello everybody. I have to convert XD Design File to working Shopify Template. If anybody can do this Help me then
Hi @BonzaDogTreats it's HaseebJoiya Kindly share me store URL and if it is password protected share that too.Best regards haseebJoiya
My contact form is not working. Please check the preview link of site https://3e2so7ca18kt4mlr-73156133209.shopifypreview.com It is not working.  <section class="row contact" id="contact"> <!-- ================== GOOGLE MAP (Change data-lat & dat...
I have built a custom contact form but it is not working can anyone help me to solve this problem. Preview link: https://3e2so7ca18kt4mlr-73156133209.shopifypreview.com <section class="row contact" id="contact"> <!-- ================== GOOGLE MAP...
Unable to see anything Please provide me store password to have a closer look on to this and solve this matter as soon as possible  
Hello @Prijay  Please share store URL and particular Screenshots for better understanding
I want to ensure that you don't want any inventory counter for this product or for all products in store otherwise If you want to remove this counter from all products paste this code in  Shopify edit code directory in style.css at very last of the f...
Come inbox and shoot out me a message I will solve it by myself Please share store URL I will send you collaborator access
Kindly Note that add this section to your store by Theme customizer and add video link from content directory under files folder in shopify admin and click on a video link button and add that link to the desire place Thanks
Hey @pennyroseopti  Go to shopify admin sales channels and then click on three dots and click edit code then under section directory ad  a new section and replace the code of new section with this {%- if section.blocks.size > 0 -%} {%- for block in ...
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