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@avaskye , you're welcome! btw, I contacted them weeks ago to try have it fixed & they never did anything, I recommend using a different pop up app - heaps of other free ones out there  good luck! ❤️ 
@avaskye , from memory I think it was the "EcomSend" app, one of the discount pop up ones! hopefully this narrows it down for you, its the biggest pain!
@avaskye hey! yes, it was due to one of the apps I had active on my site. once I played around with turning the apps on & off to figure out which one was causing it, the problem was fixed. hope this helps 
perfect, thanks so much 
Hey, thanks for your response. URL is thank you!
Hi, I have two questions, both relating to the screenshot below; 1. Is it possible to have the white "BUY NOW" button a smaller size? I have drawn a yellow box on it which is roughly the size I would like it to be, currently its too big & bulky & loo...
hi @Dan-From-Ryviu, I have done this as well as clearing my cache & still no luck.. everything is fine in my PayPal settings & showing as active. is there anything else I can try?
hi @Dan-From-Ryviu, thanks for your response! yep, I have set it up & its showing as active in my payment settings, however it still doesn't show in the cart.. it was showing up until a few days ago the button seems to have just disappeared? 
Hi, I am due to go live with my store, however I have two outstanding issues that need fixing before I do. I have made previous posts for these, but have not yet received a solution. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 1. The Paypal icon is ...
Hi @theycallmemakka, is there a solution to the above please?
hi @theycallmemakka, I have not yet gone live with my store therefore no payments have been processed. I'll be launching it in the next day or two, so I would love to have this fixed. definitely going to need Paypal as a payment option please. thank ...
Hi @SideNode , is there a solution for the mobile view? thank you.
Hey guys, I just noticed my payment icons are all messed up on the cart page. Any idea how to fix it? Screenshots below   
 Hey guys, I just noticed my payment icons are all messed up on the cart page. Any idea how to fix it? Screenshots below 
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