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Ok I will try that
Hi Dan,  Im using Dawn 11.0.0  
Hi dan,  But I dont see colour scheme as an option to change. It seems to be missing...  
Hi all,  Would someone mind helping me with a code error 'attempting to close HTMLElement 'style' before 'HTLM' was closed? Im not sure what happened. My store url is: It should be unlocked.  I have been trying t...
Hi GTLOfficial, This doesnt work for me. I need to change the product information screens to white background and black writing.   
Hi Moeed, Thank you but I need the background white and the writing black if that makes sense.
Hi there,  How can I change the theme on my choose options screen? I would like the background white and the writing black. Also the buttons for 'add to cart' and 'buy it now' are wrong. Both should be black writing.  I cant find how I can do this wi...
Thanks so much Moeed. That worked 
Hi there,  Does anyone know how I can enlarge the font for the menu in the header? I have tried different codes but nothing seems to work...  
Thanks so much Richard. That worked. 
Hi all,  Can anyone help remove the below section of the footer. It doesn't seem to be an available section to edit. I think this is possibly generated by an installed app? Any help is greatly appreciated.   Thanks, Steve
Actually, I figured this out. No need for help with that last part. Thanks again.  
Thanks so much.  That was really helpful. I have altered it a bit. Is there a way I can change the button so its square instead of curved edegs?
Sorry. The link is
Hi Abdosamer, its: 
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