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Hi,  I need help resizing my logo on the checkout page, it is too large on the desktop and mobile versions, Debut23 Thanks,  
Hi @VIEKIN  The image is inserted in a slide, that's what I was referring to.  I need the image to be smaller on desktop. Thanks, 
Hi @VIEKIN ,  It's not a banner it is the slide on the Domestic Delivery page located in the footer.  Thanks,  
Hi,  I would like to resize a slide of a chart for my Domestic Delivery page in the footer.  I need it to be smaller on desktop the mobile version size is great. Debut23 Thank you! 
Thank you so much!
Apologies, one more request.  Would you be able to resize the button in the header 'shop now'
Thank you for your help!
Thank you so much!  Is there any way to reduce the size of the table on domestic delivery?
Thank you, it worked!  Please also help me with the table on Domestic Delivery it is too large. The heading is also too large.  Also, the description on the product page is too big. 
Hi,  I've noticed that the mobile version of my website is not to scale.  - My header icons are cut off- The table in delivery information is not mobile-friendly -  Even some headers and descriptions on the product page are too large  https://tiliano...
@KetanKumar Hello, I've seen you've successfully helped multiple people with their issues.  I'm trying to create an image banner with 2 images side by side with equal distance between both. I will also, need them to be able to fit without cropping th...
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