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 Hi, I would like to change the description under each link, as seen in this photo. Please let me know how to do this. Thank you, Joe 
 Hi, How do i put the header so that it it goes transparent just as the collection does and does not come out when I click on the website. Thank you, Joe Here is a photo showing my issue. 
 Hi, I have changed the name attached to my account in account settings however. I have got a notification asking for ID and it still uses my original name, so when I put proof of ID in it says it does not match the name. How can I change this / fix ...
 hi i changed this and it still says the original name how can i change this 
I put the wrong name into shopify and it’s now asking for id but i can’t change the name and when i put my id in it says it doesn’t match the name attached to the account. My question is how do i change the name attached to the account so i can solve...
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