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Hi! In dawn theme when you are in theme editor you can find these settings here: on the left side the gear / settings icon -> Layout -> Desktop vertical space / Desktop horizontal space. There you can modify these spaces without adding custom html / ...
Hi! What you can do is go to help center here. Than ask your question to the bot. When it gives answer just say that it is not helpful and ask to speak with a human. Than the button "chat with advisor" will show up. Click on it and you will be in que...
@Shopify is there any way to do this?
I want to show different message for different markets. How can I get user's market? I only get location right now. So far the only way I found is by creating an app and accessing Admin API. Is there any other way to check what market the user is on?
To center the header links you can add this to you "custom css" in theme settings:ul.dt-sc-list-inline.dt-desktop-menu.dt-nav { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 50%; transform: translateX(-50%); }Also your main main content isn't cen...
You can look in theme files for a file like component-list-social.css. If it is there just replace .list-social__link { ... } with this:.list-social__link { align-items: center; display: flex; padding: 1.3rem; color: rgb(var(--color-foregroun...
The lap--hide class is setting a "display: none" on the container of the image which makes it dissapear on mobile devices. The best way to solve this (but not the easiest) is to delete this class from the div -> in theme files find where this element...
Add fill: #93947F to list-social__link class
Hi! What you need to do is write to the shopify bot - . If you repeat that it does not help it will ask you if you want to speak with a Support Advisor. If you agree you will start a chat with advisor
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