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 Hi @Dan-From-Ryviu! ! To be honest this is my first time to do this so I don't remember If I had done this... 
Dear Community! Please help me to solve following issue: I have bought a domain and hosting, which I alrerady linked to my shopify site, but If I enter the name of my webshop into the serach bar with www, it doens't bring up the site or it says that ...
Tahnk you so much, but already solved! Thanks again! 
Hi Anthony! It worked!  Black background switched to white - as originally! Thank you so much for your help! 
Finally I figured it out:
Sorry, I got it now  here it is:
Sorry for being so complicated, but the site is not connected to a domian yet I only find this url, I dont know where shoudl I find the website front-end URL
Hi the url is the following:
Hi! This is the URL: Ehere shoudl I share pw? Thanks!
Hi there! I removed all the apps I thought be the reason why the background on product page turned into black, but still the same 
Hi all! Please help me in the following: I donwnloaded a review app, my site weas almost built up and suddenly the background on products page turned to black and not able to change it. Thank you!
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