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When I do yarn ``` shopify app generate extension --name my-extension ``` I receive a prompt to choose language and when I select either JS or TS, this error below appears. yarn add @Shopify/shopify_function@0.1.0 javy@0.1.1 --prodUnknown Syntax Erro...
Hi Liam, thanks for your reply.So I have added the scope through the, but how can I add the new CarrierService to specify the callbackURL?I am basically trying to create my own shipping rate calculation in the app
Hi I am new in Shopify app development.I am trying to create an app that able to calculate shipping price for our store because our shipping criteria is quite specific and currently I haven't found any app that meet our criteria. I had a read at:http...
Hi Enzoyuna, we are using dawn theme
Hi all, I'm trying to add the cart value on the header and did:```<p class="total-cost"> $ {{cart.total_price | money_without_currency }} </p>```in header.liquid page However I noticed that when a customer add another item to their cart, this value i...
When I have product that is out of stock, the 'Sold out' icon will be displayed as below How could I also, include the ETA of the new stock, so the icon will also display the estimated arrival time. 
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