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I was giving me too much anxiety and I could not imagine dealing with it through the even busier holiday season so I'm in the process of switching over to lightspeed.  So far Lightspeed is working 10x better.
I have had a couple large orders since swtiching to shopify POS last week, where after clicking checkout the total it wants to charge the card is different than what the cart said.  The first time was with 41 items, and my discounts weren't working s...
yes, I already did that, but like they said above it seems to be all or nothing and I really still want to be notified of my online sales that I need to fulfill, but not every POS sales order that goes through, that by nature is already fulfilled.
OK, so I figured out how to do it with the email.  I had to delete the current recipients and add a new one and select web as the only location rather than all, but every time I try it with my iphone it tells me to download the app on my phone which ...
I still want to be notified when I get an ecommerce order that needs to be fulfllied but I don't want an email and phone notification for every in-person sale that goes through my store.
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