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hahaha I'm surprised you even need to ask!! OF COURSE we must pay more! There's an "app" for every tiny thing - most of which are totally inadequate and free or WILDLY overkill and 50x the price of the functionality we actually need. It's like a coor...
No - both our numbers are the same. If you can't enter two diff numbers (I don't know, unfortunately) then perhaps you can treat one of the business's like a 1099? Beyond that, I don't know - I'm sorry!We're being forced off of Quickbooks POS because...
We are just setting up, but we have two "locations" under our POS (brick & mortar) as well as an online store. From what I can see, you can change your location but it's not just a quick thing to click as you'd hope. First, in the admin (computer onl...
it sure does seem like nothing out there is as functional as what we've all been forced to give up. And to even get a fraction of the functionality we had with QBPOS, we are being nickel & dimed to death... for products that STILL don't function as w...
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