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I want to make the logo on my header larger but can't figure out how. I already changed the "max" line of code from 300 to 800 but that didn't seem to do anything at all. URL:
The store and page URL is
The URL is
I have a slideshow on auto-slide for my "cover image". I was able to edit code and create a fade animation which works well, but now my issue is that when you try to scroll down on mobile, it just moves the image on the slideshow instead of scrolling...
I have a collection list on my home page with all my featured collections on it. Each collection has its own cover image. I just need each of the images in the collection list to have the corners rounded slightly. Any help is greatly appreciated!
I already have the padding set to 0 but there is still too much extra space on mobile. I've tried editing code but I can't get it to work. All I need is roughly 5-10 px off the top and bottom of the header. Any help is appreciated!
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