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This worked perfectly, thank you so much! 
Sure! Thanks for your help 
Hi all! I have two "text with image" containers on my home page. On the desktop version i was able to take off the corner radius so that the corners are square and not rounded. However, on mobile view, the corners are still rounded. How do i change t...
Great thanks! How do i do that ? 
So I've added that code and it changed the font size, however the buttons are still not aligned with the images (see below)  
I have an image banner on my home page, just above an email sign up footer. The two elements are supposed to go together, however the image banner is only on the home page, whilst the email box is on every page as it is a footer. How to i make the im...
Hi. On my home page I have 2 image elements that have clickable buttons. On the desktop layout the buttons are well sized but when i switch to mobile, the buttons become uncentered and are too big and the font is too big causing it to stack the words...
Perfect! Thanks so much  It all worked 
Hi all. I have an image banner and a contact form on my CONTACT US page. the image is on top and the contact form underneath (on both desktop and mobile layouts). Is it possible to change the code to allow me to place the two sections next to each ot...
Like this (see image below). I'm not sure how to get the white boarders around the images as they are full width/screen elements 
This worked perfectly! Thank you so much I appreciate it more than you know  Could i ask for your help with one more aspect please? The two images on the page in between the sections we just edited, on both desktop and mobile they are stacked on top...
I have 4 sections in my footer. In the desktop layout all 4 are next to each other however in mobile view, they get stacked on top of each other. I went to the section-footer.css file and pasted code that i found on here to change that. It stacked th... You will see the two sections that are stacked (The shop by concern blue section) and the (shop lip treatments red section)
Hi Richard. I had the same problem and i used your code above. It worked however the 4th element on my footer now lies outside the margins (see image below). How do i edit the code so that all 4 elements are lined up next to each other.  
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